What is Grad Nite and why is it sponsored by the PTSA?

It is an over night affair at an off campus site.  It is meant to provide a supervised, safe, sober, fun night for graduating seniors.   It has always been just for MCHS seniors.  The PTSA works to put on this event every year because it is important for us to know that our seniors are safe on graduation night when there is a lot of happiness going on.


Didn’t it used to be in the gym?

For years Grad Nite was held in the gymnasium.  It required hundreds of man-hours for elaborate decorations to be built and painted, set up and broken down and stored.   Plus it took dozens of volunteers to work that night.  Over time the pool of volunteers diminished drastically.


Where is the venue?

The venue is called Party Pals in Sorrento Valley.  By tradition, the activities for the night are kind of kept under wraps. However, if you would like to see the venue you can follow this link.


What does it actually cost?

Cost is based on a minimum of 250 students at $150 per student for just the PartyPal facility.  Plus there is approximately $15 - $20 per student for additional expenses.


What does the $150 get us?

This cost includes coach buses to and from event.  A variety of activities at the site including casino with staff, arcade tent, DJ, photo booths, lounge areas, outdoor activities, hypnotist and security.  It also includes a taco serving station from 10pm – 1am.  Additional snacks & drinks will be provided throughout the night.  The kids are entertained and fed and kept safe.


Why do we have to fundraise?

  1. Ticket sales start off at ½ price and increase monthly and most tickets are sold early. This leaves us with a large deficit.

  2. Additionally, the fundraising supports all MCHS seniors to attend grad night regardless of their financial situation. 

  3. There are a number of other expenses incurred to put on an event like this; for example - Grad Nite t-shirts that are the ticket for the kids to get into the event.


What happens if we don’t raise enough money?

This event is not a given.  Each and every year the senior class is responsible for it’s own Grad Nite.  If the funds are not raised there will be no grad nite.  There are no reserve funds to draw on.


Why not Disneyland?

Disneyland grad nites have many high schools attending with no supervision.  MCHS has a tradition of grad nite being a night for our seniors to hang out with their friends  one last time before each heads off on their next adventure.  It is a controlled environment where access to drugs/alcohol is limited.  

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